I love our new house. I really do. But it’s so builder grader-ific and lacks anything interesting. Plus, the previous owner left behind some drab curtains. We need some bedroom inspiration.

bedroom before

And here’s the disaster we created after moving in.

bedroom before

So we’re going to get cracking on some ideas to spice things up. Starting in the bedroom! Bow-chicka-wow. Haha. This is the bedroom after we moved in. Here’s the plan.

bedroom inspiration mood board

Bedroom Inspiration

  • Light, fluffy duvet
  • A dresser that fits the space better
  • Color on the walls
  • Color on the windows
  • New (or thrifted!) bedside tables
  • Wall art
  • A headboard and footboard

We’re going to start out with the easy stuff, but save up for the bigger ticket items like furniture. Plus, I’m pretty picky about wall art, so that might take a while.

We picked out a paint color – Babbling Brook by Olympic – for the bedroom. Here’s the finished product. It’s a light blue that both softens and brighten the room.

bedroom olympic babbling brook

I managed to do two layers with just one gallon of paint! Are you impressed? There was a lot of wall to cover. I used the VOC-free formula in satin. But picking the color was tough. I definitely wanted blue walls, but it’s tricky to land on a blue that’s not too dark, not too gray, not too saturated, and not baby boy blue.

I started with a few samples on the wall to test what I liked best. One was immediately ruled out for being too blue. Another was too green. Between the last two, I ended up getting Babbling Brook (in the top right corner).

color test

I’m happy with the decision. While our duvet is heavy on red and orange, it has flecks of blue that blend well with the new wall color. All in all, painting a room is the best $25 improvement I can think of. It adds a little bit of your personality to the walls.

See what I mean about needing a dresser than fits better?

bedroom babbling brook olympic

That said, we’re well on our way to hitting the high notes from our bedroom inspiration mood board. I bought fabric to make some curtain panels. Hooray weekend project!

Update: We’ve put more of the bedroom inspiration mood board into action. Check out the progress here.

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