A major issue with our house is that it’s hidden behind a wall of overgrown landscaping. Seriously. Have you ever seen a crape myrtle taller than a house?

house outside before

Prior to purchasing the house, the inspector pointed out some roots and told us we’d need to take care of that as soon as possible. Basically, trimming wasn’t an option. The trees were left unchecked for too long and their roots spread too much.

bad roots

That mean we had to destroy everything. I was okay with this.

So we got to work, sawing off branches at a time, digging up semi-dead azaleas.

cutting down trees

We called in a tree service to grind the crape myrtle and holly tree stumps. From there, we manually dug around and ripped out roots as much as possible. Not fun.


Once the plot was free of major root, we dumped a dozen bags of good ol’ cow manure. We rented a tiller for a few hours and took turns plowing the plot until our brains were practically vibrating. The tiller helped mix in poopy fertilizer and loosen the soil that we’ll be planting in.


The blank slate (minus a few rhododendrons) was a welcome sight. Ignore the few teaser flowers!

blank slate flower bed

Any garden projects in your house?

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