Do you have a dual flush toilet? If not, go to Amazon and spend $21 on a kit right now. Seriously. You’ll save water and feel like you’re from the future with your cool new flusher, haha.

dual flush toilet button flusher

Our toilet was leaking and we needed to replace the flap in the tank. How did we know it was leaking? This little tablet. We dropped it in the tank and the water in the bowl turned blue over night. Look, it even says Please make repairs! Since you asked so nicely…

toilet leak tablet

While looking for a new flapper, I saw a dual flush kit in the plumbing section of Lowe’s and did some research online. We ended up with a highly rated kit from HydroRight on Amazon (which has a bulit-in flapper). Bingo!

hydroworks dual flush

In ten minutes, we had a dual flush toilet. It really is a matter of turning off the water and draining the toilet, removing the existing flap, installing the tower and flush control, tucking the cords away, setting your water levels, and turning the water back on. Yep, I made him do all the dirty work.

dual flush ryan

Here’s what it looks like inside the dual flush toilet. The tower (in the center) comes in two parts – the base with the flapper and the actual tower. The tower lets you set different water levels for the two flush buttons. We went with a standard full and half flush.

dual flush toilet

I really like the spaceship button. Top flush was liquids (the half flush), bottom full flush for, er, solids. Gross.

dual flush toilet button flusher

Yay for saving water (and our second water saving project in the house)! Any eco-loving projects in your house recently?

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