Last month I decided I’d had enough of our impossible bedroom closet. Seriously. For a 30-ish square foot space, there was a lot of wasted real estate.

master bedroom closet before

After some measuring and planning, I had a DIY custom closet planned and ready to go.

master bedroom diy custom closet plans

I bought pine boards and metal brackets. I primed the boards and painted them Milk Paint by Olympic. The walls (and ceiling!) are Weeping Willow (also Olympic). With more measuring, some drilling and leveling, we had a new closet storage system.

diy custom closet shelving

The boards are 1″ x 12″, cut to length. I attached then with brackets, all screwed into studs for maximum strength.

diy custom closet shelving

We had a lower bar before but couldn’t hang anything on it because the laundry baskets were in the way (and there was nowhere else for the baskets to go). With this arrangement, dear husband gets the whole rack to himself!

diy custom closet shelving

Part of the update was getting a new light fixture. We got this one from Home Depot for $65 (originally $110! – and it came with light bulbs!). The previous fixture was a plain ol’ fluorescent that didn’t have a cover and was very finicky about actually turning on.

diy custom closet shelving

Fun little feature: mirror! It was on the back of our bedroom door when we moved in, but we never used it there. So we put it here. Whenever I need to check my whole outfit, I just part my clothes to see.

diy custom closet shelving

And, thanks to the height of this bar (which is actually the same as the old one was, it just doesn’t have a shelf directly beneath it), I can hang my maxi dresses without them touching the floor.

diy custom closet shelving

And on the right side of the closet, I did two shelves instead of three. We plan to buy some cloth storage boxes to store winter clothes on the top shelf.

diy custom closet shelving

I use this shelf for my jewelry. I’ll eventually decorate it, maybe hang a mirror on the wall, make a frame for the Van Gogh print.

diy custom closet shelving jewelry storage

It may not look like much of a difference, but we have SO much more storage. Plus, we can both get in there and pick out our clothes for the day at the same time instead of fighting for space looking at the same rack.

diy custom closet shelving

Another thing I need to improve is the shoe storage. We got this caddy from Lowe’s, and it’s fine, but obviously it’s too small for my shoe collection. I might just grab a second one and have them side-by-side.

diy custom closet shelving

 Oh! And one detail that I must recommend with a project like this: caulk the brackets.

shelving brackets caulk

The caulk sealed the small gap between the metal and the wall, and painting it made it blend even better.

shelving brackets caulk painte

I’m pretty delighted with the new closet. With material, paint, brackets and everything, I think it ran us about $170. But, real talk and total honesty: I’m not completely sold on the color. I thought white walls + fluorescent light would make it too sterile, but maybe that’s what it needs. After all, it’s the backdrop of a very colorful collection. I’ll live with the green a bit and see how I feel in a couple of months.

diy custom closet shelving

How have you turned around a bad storage situation? Have we inspired from DIY custom closet building?

4 Responses to Our DIY Custom Closet Reveal

  1. Love this! I’ve been thinking about redoing our closet shelving as well. We use to have a tall mirror at our old house, and I really miss it. But this is a good idea to put a mirror and still use the space for something else!

    • paige says:

      Thanks! I’m still waffling on the color. I might repaint it if (when) we repaint our bedroom and bathroom. I like the idea of crisp, white walls.

  2. Megan says:

    It looks so good Paige! I love the tip about caulking – It blends so well to the wall. We did a little closet revamp last year – I love having a functional and neat closet. It relieves stress of something haha.

    • paige says:

      Thanks! I’m still on the fence about the color, but the palette looks good with our light blue bedroom. Your gray closet looks so good and fresh!

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