Happy Friday! And happy first day of March! Let’s take a look at what we did around the house in February.

New lights were the name of the game. We installed four (4!) lights, all from Ikea. Maskros and Alang went in the kitchen and a smaller Alang and the Lock (plus an art print) went in the hallway.

ikea maskros kitchen

I painted my first piece of furniture, and it turned out really well! Full step-by-step here. And I revealed we bought a new piece of furniture, so I shifted the dresser and decorated it.

We got all lovey dovey around Valentine’s Day, first giving some last minute gift recommendations.

Then talking about our wedding.

And finishing off the lovey dovey with a recap of our Valentine’s celebration.

We installed Ikea LACK floating shelves in the living room. Decoration to be determined.

And I organized my jewelry (finally)!

And we kicked off a closet renovation (plans here, deconstruction post here), which we should have wrapped up soon.

Overall, a productive month in our house. Here’s looking forward to the rest of March, which includes my BIRFDAY (awww yeah).

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