A while back, I posted some living room ideas, along with a potential new layout for the room. And like all well thought-out plans, it met its demise with an idea that was more of a whim. If there’s one thing that holds true, it’s that everything is always evolving in our house. That includes the living room.

Yeah, so that layout doesn’t make sense if you’ve never seen our living room. And even if you have seen our living room, you might have some trouble deciphering the diagram. Does anyone else do that thing where you explain something, and it makes perfect sense to you, but everyone else around you is scratching their heads because you seem nuts? Am I doing it now? AHH. Seriously, ask my husband. “GRAB THAT THING IN THE PLACE ON THE STUFF, I NEED IT.” His one flaw is that he can’t read my mind when I do crazy talk, but I forgive him.

Oh jeez, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. The living room. About how plans are fluid. So we initially intended to keep our big ol’ tv in its current place and shift the furniture. Put a couple of small chairs where the recliner is, an L-shaped sofa, a bookshelf…

But the bookshelf is out. We installed Ikea LACK shelves. (As of writing this, the shelves feature mind-numbingly boring decor, essentially tchotchkes from around the house. ugh.)

And now, the TV is on the move. I saw this picture on Ikea and thought, Why can’t we do that?

Answer: We can. And we did. Minus the big scary glass vases and the furniture and the books (them’s for learnin’ people, right?).

We mounted the TV and so far, it’s pretty fab. Just ignore the mess of cords and chaos below. That’ll be much easier to hide when we find a good piece of furniture. As for what the piece of furniture will be, only time will tell. Husband was sold on the Ikea piece above, but I was all Dude we cannot have everything Ikea in our house, which is ultra shocking coming from me because I $*#%ing love Ikea. Maybe it was just the contrarian in me, haha.

But really, I think a nice piece of wood furniture would look lovely since it’s a texture we completely lack in our living room. So you might be seeing us a Habitat every weekend for the next month while we’re on the hunt. Oh, and we nixed the bachelor pad sound set up (sorry sweetie!) for a sleek sound bar.

This arrangement opens the floor plan a good bit. We still want to add classic arm chairs (for guests, even though I know they secretly like snuggling with us on the couch), and they’ll fit perfectly where the tv stand was. Here’s a (unscaled) diagram that wasn’t finger painted with my ipad! (more pictures and explanations to come, I promise)

living room layout plans

And even though I know my plans will change/evolve/whatever, I still get excited when I feel like I’m on the right track. Imagine me doing this.

Eeexxcellent. SMITHERS! (Really sweet side note: I used to love The Simpsons [still do, just don’t watch it on the regs, but I used to have a Bart doll that said “don’t have a cow man” when I pulled it’s string]. My dad, for his toast at our wedding, read us some insightful quotes about marriage from Homer Simpson. Seriously. It was cute.)

Tell me about your living room! What are you working on?

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