As promised, a budget break down for the bathroom makeover. In the beginning, I wanted to keep it near $500. I actually scoffed at the idea, knowing that it would surely cost more. But I had my dreams. So here we go, bathroom budget break down with material sources.

This first list is all the necessary bathroom items. You need the sink. You need the shower curtain. You need something to hold soap. You get it.

  • Wall Paint: already owned, $0 (Benjamin Moore)
  • Vanity: legs, $28 (Lowe’s); primer, already owned, $0; paint, $3 (Lowe’s sample pot); knobs, $20 (World Market)
  • Sink: $64 (Lowe’s)
  • Faucet: $49 (Delta, Lowe’s); $5 for plumbing pieces
  • Mirror: $60, painted with already owned paint (Allen + Roth, Lowe’s)
  • Light: $38 (Portfolio, Lowe’s)
  • Floor: already owned most supplies, extra tile was $120 (Tile Shop)
  • Dual Flush: $20 ($7 after redeeming credit card rewards points), $7 for plumbing pieces
  • Shower Curtain + Liner: $30
  • Shower Curtain Rod: $10 (Moen, Lowe’s)
  • Shower Curtain Rings: $10
  • Ram Towel Hooks: $12 (thrifted)
  • Toilet Paper Holder: $10 (Moen, Lowe’s)
  • Towel Ring: $4
  • Soap Dish: $8 (Threshold, Target)
  • Trashcan: $25 (Lowe’s)
  • TOTAL: $510

Not too shabby. I bought almost everything on sale, but some things, like the trash can (which WAS on sale!) could have been purchased elsewhere for cheaper. I found similar shower curtain rings at Target for cheaper too. I definitely price watched though. I frequently go to Lowe’s just to walk around and spot yellow lower price tags. That definitely helped catch sales.

This list is all the optional stuff. I didn’t include this in the list above because it’s so variable from person to person, I don’t think it should be included in the true budget. Maybe you hate hanging stuff on the wall. Maybe you don’t wear makeup or jewelry, making the makeup basket and ring holder moot. Maybe you have no desire to buy new towels. Catch my drift?

  • Glass Shelf: $14 (Moen, Lowe’s)
  • Candle: $8 (Target)
  • Makeup Basket: $13 (Target)
  • Ring Holder: $3 (Target)
  • Ranunculus Vase $14 (Target)
  • Towels: $16 (Threshold, Target)
  • Clock: already owned, $0
  • Katie Daisy Print: $25
  • Frame: $17 (Threshold, Target)
  • Glass Jar with Bird Topper: already owned, $0
  • Total: $110

So, running total of the entire bathroom shabang, $620. We didn’t exactly nail our budget, but I didn’t exactly try that hard when it came to decorating. But $620 to take the room from builder-grade yawn fest to bright, happy bathroom? And all the fun I had along the way?! (<– mostly sarcastic when referring to plumbing) Worth it.

Do you make a budget before a room makeover? How do you determine what you want to spend? And most importantly, give me some advice for sticking to a budget!

6 Responses to Bathroom Project Budget Break Down

  1. Laura says:

    WhaT color paint on the cabinet?

  2. Vicki says:

    Your creativity is amazing!!! LOVEEEE this bathroom.

  3. Sui Lenckus says:

    I have a question. I absolutely love your sink. I also have the builder grade gross oak vanity and am planning on painting and I have been looking for a sink like yours. What brand and model is it at Lowe’s? Thanks

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