This weekend I finally got the opportunity to build a console table base!

console table base diy how to build

Almost four weeks ago, I started (and nearly finished) a console table top.

console table top

Between pollen attackin for two weeks, crummy weather and a general lack of time, building the console table base got put off again and again. But I got up bright and early Saturday morning, and (probably much to the annoyance of my neighbors) I started making cuts.

console table building power tools kreg jig miter saw

First up, the legs. The eight pieces below are 26″ and attached in three different places (thanks to my Kreg pocket hole jig!). The table’s total height will be 26 3/4 inches – the 3/4 inches coming from the top itself. As with the tabletop, I used 1″ x 4″ pieces.

I joined two legs with a 17″ piece. The width of the base is 18 1/2″ – slightly narrower than the tabletop, to give a little overhang.

Once I had two sets of attached legs, I joined them with two long 91″ pieces. The length (92 1/2 total), like the width, is a bit shorter than the tabletop in order to allow overhang.

That’s where I was going to stop. But seeing my plans come to fruition made me realize the middle didn’t seem so stable. It felt stable, but I wanted to give it something more. Enter, a 15 1/2 inch brace in the center.

With the center brace attached, I Kreg jigged a center leg. Just in case. You never know.

how to build a console table base diy

I went ahead and popped in two more 15 1/2 inch braces. All three are flush with the 91″ pieces in order to give the table top more stability.

console table base diy

Then I sloppily stained it and voila! A console table base. Since it’s going behind the couch, I wasn’t super concerned about staining perfection. I used Rustoleum’s Kona stain for this. It’s not very pretty with the unstained pieces, but it’ll all be hidden once I put the table on top.

console table base diy

And here’s a sloppy cut reference. This is truly a custom console table – I measured and planned and made cuts to fit a table perfectly snug behind our couch. I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend check out Ana White, who has an excellent collection of plans for building all sorts of furniture, even for beginner dummies like me. This was adopted from one of her plans.

console table base cuts diagram

And that’s where I’m leaving it for today. Why spoil it in one go when I can save some for tomorrow? Haha.

Anyone else building a console table base? What did you do this weekend?

2 Responses to Console Table Base, In Your Face

  1. Megan says:

    So impressed! This is going to look so good! I have my eye on several Ana White projects. Seriously, this weather has put a wrench in things lately!!

    • paige says:

      It really has. Spring isn’t so enjoyable when it’s rainy rainy every day. Her plans are good – building this definitely gave me confidence to try something else! I’m thinking an outdoor table?

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