I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was positively perfect here – upper 70s, sunny, low humidity – so we spent a good deal of time working outside. Enter, some rehab for this ratty little plot in the back of the house. Mmmm, mossy weedy goodness.

Dear husband took it upon himself to take action. He ripped out the weeds and grass, dug some holes, plopped a couple of hydrangeas in and mulched it up. It was looking good, but sort of incomplete.

So we picked up twelve landscape edging stones to define the mini garden a bit more. The mulch is much better contained (re: no washing away!).

hydrangea landscaping

I threw some black mulch on it too. More contrast? Yeah, more contrast.

hydrangea landscaping

Yeah, so no more of this.

The plants are still babies, but they’ll probably (eventually) reach the bottom of the windowsill.

Fingers crossed I don’t kill them! Haha. No really. Sometimes I kill innocent plants.


Oh! And an update on our backyard bald patch. There used to be a pear tree and husband ripped it out of the earth, Paul Bunyan style.

We aerated and seeded the dirt and it’s starting to look awesome!


Just kidding. It looks pretty terrible and patchy. Good angles can be deceiving! I’m sure it’ll fill in more as the grass strengthens, but I’m also certain we’ll have to reseed in the fall for posterity.

But I hate to leave you with an uggo grass patch. So enjoy the flower that I haven’t killed yet.

So what did you do this weekend? Any yard work? Hydrangea landscaping?

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