Raise The Roof / Drop It Like It’s Hot

After photographing our hall bathroom, two things became very apparent: 1) The glass shelf above the toilet looked too high;

…and 2) the floor-to-ceiling shower curtain was about six inches too long.

I avoided remedying the shelf problem right away because rehanging the shelf meant patching and painting holes in the wall. But I sucked it up like a big girl and got it done. (Drop it like it’s hot)

The shelf and frame line up much better with the mirror. I spread the mounting hardware a little wider this time around, but that’s hardly noticeable. Left is before, right is after. Subtle, but it makes a difference.

On to the shower curtain problem. Since the shower curtain rod is as high as possible, I figured hemming the shower curtain would be the best only fix. (Raise the roof)

I maaaaaay have had to relearn how to use my sewing machine because, good grief, it’s been a while. But once I remembered how to thread the bobbin, it took me no time to stitch the hem. I rinsed (lathered) and repeated the process on the liner.

Much better. I dig the curtain pooling on the floor look, but in a bathroom, it just seemed a little gross. Plus, a pooling liner seems like it’d mildew much faster.

hemmed shower curtain

See how much more polished the curtain looks?

hemming hemmed shower curtain

 Total project time was less than an hour.

Have you ever finished a project, then stepped back, and realized you made a glaring error? I only realized my shelf error after viewing the photos on my computer!

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  1. Just came over from Shabby Creek Cottage. Enjoyed your home tour. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time and care working on your house. My favorite is your bathroom redo. LOVE the vanity color! Plus the mirror and the tile floor.