We’re taking a break from the deck for a bit – it’s just too hot outside! Boards have been cut for the steps, so once we get those attached to the stringers, we’ll just have railing and staining to do!

We’ve been focusing on small projects in the living room lately – the frame collage, decorating the console table, replacing blinds – and I must confess, I’d been hiding something from you.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. Can you blame me? There’s a lot of weirdness with this half of the room.

It’s hard to pick which issue is the most annoying. Perhaps the lack of media center? Gotta love a good pile o’ cords on the floor. Trust me, I’ve been on the Craigslist hunt, but nothing works (too tall, not long enough, too expensive). I’m thinking I might have to building something. (<— secretly very excited about that)

I’m also doing a bang-up job with the mantle. WHAT is going on there? A half-dead terrarium (half-alive, for the optimists out there), a straw hat, some books, and three candles. Sign me up for decorator of the year.

Equally offensive is the state of the Lack shelves. Um. Yep, that’s a can of dusting cleaner stuff in the bottom right. My knickknacks have no purpose or cohesiveness. It’s not great. There’s an antique iron bird cage (you can see it better three pictures up), and I love it, but it hasn’t had a proper home since we moved in.

The one thing that IS on track, however, is the layout of the room. I posted this back in March.

In addition to being on the hunt for a media console, I’ve been scouring the Internet for the perfect ottoman. And guess what? I found it! More on that later this week. See the orange dot above? I’m still considering painting that small side table between the two arm chairs a bright tangerine. That’s not toooo crazy, right?

What dirty little secrets are you hiding in your living room? I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

4 Responses to The Half Of The Living Room You Never See

  1. … or you can make a little console (like you did behind the couch, but maybe shorter?) in an L shape that wraps from under neath the shelves to the front of the window. And use the space in the console for cubbies to put storage baskets! A place for the future kids to put away all their toys. 🙂 I think it will fit perfect with where you have those white chairs already positioned. Currently we have a big bin shoved in the corner of our living room where all the toys get dumped. Or use the cubbie spaces to decorate/add books/pillows/etc? I know you have that new storage ottoman but if you need some space you can add the new L shaped console!

    • paige says:

      That’s a good idea! Wouldn’t mind more storage, and window seats are cute. I’m leaning towards making it a command center/mini office since I thiiink a desk will fit behind there.

  2. You crack me up! We definitely have some dirty little secrets but ours are scattered throughout our whole house. Trick photography! I love how you’ve reconfigured your room too!

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