Over the winter, my awesome husband built a raised garden bed. Basically, he’s my hero. And because of him, we’re going to have garden-raised veggies this year! But first thing’s first: starting seeds.

I prefer transplanting seedlings as opposed to directly seeding them in the soil. This lets me start them earlier (instead of waiting until mid to late March when the freezing season has passed) and I can see which seeds are actually growing.

This year I’m using compostable fiber trays. And since I’m not an expert at identifying seedlings, I labeled each tray and mapped out which seeds were going in which trays on a grid.

starting seeds

I used MiracleGro Seed Starting soil. I wasn’t terribly keen on this, but Lowe’s didn’t have an organic option. Well, not one that I saw right away. And it was cold in the outdoor garden center. So I grabbed it and skedaddled. But for the record, all the soil in the garden bed is free of fertilizer and MiracleGro.

starting seeds for transplant in spring north carolina

Boop! Squash was the easiest to plant, thanks to its big seeds. Arugula? NOT SO MUCH. Tiniest seeds ever. I planted four of each seed and tried to group similar plants together.

starting seeds for transplant in spring summer squash

With everything planted, I put the fiber trays in a leftover plastic tray. I like the lid – keeps the seedlings moist and warm.

starting seeds for transplant in spring north carolina

Here’s what I planted: big tomatoes (rutgers), little tomatoes (sweetie), summer squash, cucumbers, sweet peppers, hot peppers, arugula, spinach and green onions. I tried to buy all organic (but some seeds didn’t have that option). I need to go back and plant some zucchini. As of yesterday, we have some sprouts! Specifically, arugula. I know this because I labeled it. Haha.

arugula seedlings

I have a lot of seeds left over too, so I was thinking about direct seeding some in the front garden to fill it in. Why waste perfectly good soil and space for just flowers? Why not grow some spinach and arugula alongside the butterfly bushes? I need to consult someone who knows more about growing than I do to make sure there aren’t issues with that, but to me, it seems like it’d be fine.

Side note: we seeded that patchy spot in the fall so the yard looks much better than it did. But boy, have we got a lot of spring cleaning to do. Weeding, cleaning the white railing on the porch, seeding more grass. Whew.

What are you planting this year? Anyone hopping on the square foot garden trend I’ve seen lately?

2 Responses to So Ready For Spring: Starting Seeds

  1. Megan says:

    So I guess I know where to go when I need some veggies :). What an awesome little garden! I really want to plant sunflowers…I have never had them before though so I don’t have the first idea on how to grow them. Hope you are having a great week! I have been sick and stuck on the couch for two days – I’m so ready to be over this! Talk to ya soon!!

    • paige says:

      Yes! We will certainly haven an abundance! (Unless I accidentally kill them all? But I usually do okay with plants as long as they’re outside).

      Feel better! Your pics from this weekend looked great. Hope you all had a good event.

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