With the 14th just a few days away, I thought I’d post a last minute Valentine gifts guide for all y’all procrastinators. Glares at self in mirror. Yep, we’ve all been there: at a total loss over what to get our significant other. But finding that perfect gift is tough. So I put together the best list of Valentine’s gifts under $30 this side of the Mississippi to give you some ideas (and it’s all gifts you can find in a store, since it’s too late for online shopping)!

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Under $30 For The Ladies

last minute valentine gifts under $30 ideas

  1. That. Pillow. Dang! So cute. The Beetle Print Pillow clocks in at $24.99. With all those soft, watercolor-like colors, this is one killer accent pillow. (Target)
  2. Gold Chandelier Earrings with Mint Green Stones, $7.99. Sure, emerald is Pantone’s color of the year, but these mint earrings scream, “I’m ready for spring, and you can’t stop me!” (Target)
  3. An orchid. I love fresh cut flowers. But they die, and that’s sad. Orchids are challenging and require some green thumb luck, but they are a fun addition to the house for $22.48. (Lowe’s)
  4. If your lady is like me, she has at least three magazines laying around at all times. This lacquer magazine butler from will organize and add clean, crisp lines to your room for $22. (West Elm)
  5. This is a personal favorite. Black Box wine is excellent, with prices ranging from $15.99 to $22 in stores around us. Plus, it stays fresh for weeks longer than bottled wine. (Total Wine)
  6. For the DIY lover in your house, grab a Purdy Paint Brush 3-pack for $21.96. Many home improvement enthusiasts swear by these brushes. (Home Depot)
  7. For the social entertainers (and for your Black Box wine), chalk note glassware. The glasses are $3 and the carafe is $10. (Pier1)

Last Minute Valentine Gifts Under $30 For The Fellas


last minute valentine gifts under $30 ideas

  1. Old style clocks are cool. Add a card that says “Time for Youknowwhat” for extra points. Ryan loves the one I got him for Christmas. This Printania Hotel Clock is $24.99. (Pier1)
  2. Any DIYer knows you can never have enough bits. This DeWalt 14-Piece Drill Bit Set is $19.97. (Home Depot)
  3. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? I’m sure everyone in the house will love this Black and Decker Waffle Maker for $19.99. Waffles, the king of breakfast. (Target)
  4. This is such a cool gadget. Install a Combo Outlet/USB Charger for $19.97, and like magic, you’ve eradicated any future dumb arguments over misplaced adapters. (Home Depot)
  5. Once you’ve got your box wine and your phone is happily charging in its new outlet, share some couple time over a game of Scrabble for $15. (Target)
  6. For the beer lover in your life, put together a Pick-a-Pack Beer set. Find out their favorite kind (stout, ipa, etc) and go wild. Price varies. (Total Wine)
  7. We’re French pressers, but I’ve heard good things (from local blogger Triangle Explorer) about the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, $29.99.  (World Market)

So that’s it! Obviously, none of them are strictly “for men” or “for women.” If I woke up to the smell of homemade waffles and had a six pack of craft brews waiting for me, it’d bring a tear to my eye. What can I say, I’m low maintenance, haha.

Feel free to make additional suggestions for last minute Valentine gifts.

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