Before I jump into things, let me rewind. Our bathroom plans were all about keeping it cheap by using what we had. And since we had 10 square feet of gray penny tile sitting in a closet, we decided to have a penny tile floor.

We still had to buy another 20 square feet of it. I ordered it back in March and waited a FULL MONTH before it finally arrived. Arrrggh. But it was worth it, especially because it meant we’d never have to look at this linoleum again. What? You mean that floor was linoleum? But it looked like real marble! – said no one, ever.

So first I installed the cement backer board, then waited four years weeks for the tile. Let me say, that concrete floor is the opposite of industrial chic.

Finally, this Sunday, I got down the business laying the tile.

I haven’t grouted it yet (I probably won’t have a chance until this weekend), but you get the idea. TILE. FLOOR. I can’t decide if I should reveal it with the grout, or wait until the vanity is back in before I show it off. What do you think? I like suspense…

Overall, tiling a floor was SO much easier than tiling a backsplash. It’s horizontal, and much easier to tell if it’s level. Thanks, gravity! Check out this post for details on all the supplies. The tile comes in 12″ x 12″ pieces, but I cut them in half and laid them like bricks to minimize potential visible seams.

So here’s to almost having our second bathroom back in action. I’m still slowly buying accessories for the space (as they go on sale, naturally). it’ll really be a delightful moment when I get to call this DONE. And then I’ll probably want to repaint the walls because I’m a crazy person with a paint color attention deficit.

Any grouty plans in your weekend? Is anyone else having a hard time forcing themselves to finish indoor projects given the spring weather?

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