These aren’t really the “little details” that make a bathroom pretty, but instead, the functional bathroom accessories that are required. Like the toilet paper holder. Oh, and please, ignore how awful awful awful the white balance is in these photos. I clearly wasn’t paying attention.

bathroom accessories

 I did the glass shelf first. It’s Moen, and was $25 but I snagged it for $14. It’s on sale through mid June!

Then the toilet paper holder. It was $14 and I got it was $9 (no longer on sale). It’s the same Moen Preston line as the shelf. My only complaint: there was only one way to hang it – couldn’t do it upside down because a screw showed. I think it’d be better with the open end facing backward toward the wall, so when you pull toilet paper, it doesn’t pull forward/off.

My favorite accessory is a thrift shop find. For $12, I got this solid metal coat rack (it was painted a weird blue, but I spray painted it oil-rubbed bronze). I used heavy duty wall anchors to install it.

For $20, I got a floor-to-ceiling shower curtain and a matching fabric liner. I love the fabric liner – feels like a hotel, haha. Plus, the vinyl in traditional shower liners smells terrible.

And for $30, I got these. The shower curtain rings are my favorite because, when I want to wash the liner, I won’t have to take everything off.

I got this shower curtain rod at Lowe’s for $10, down from $15 (on sale through August 9!).

What’s left? A big reveal. 🙂

  • Paint the walls
  • Install new lighting
  • Install tile floor, grout, seal, caulk, new door transition
  • Touch up baseboard paint
  • Paint vanity and install knobs
  • Add dual flush to toilet
  • Install new sink and faucet
  • Install a mirror
  • Accessorize (mostly purchased, not installed): Shower curtain (including rod and curtain rings), toilet paper holder, towel ring, trash can, towel bar, soap dish, shelf, pretty things
  • Organize: Makeup, cleaning products, hair products
  • Down the road: New ceiling fan, new shower head

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