We were very fortunate to find a sink and faucet on sale – the sink $64 (originally $108) and the faucet $49 (originally $98). Both were easy to install. It was my first time installing a bathroom sink and I didn’t have any issues.

OR DID I? There’s always a catch to plumbing, is there? The faucet came with a drain pipe which happened to be smaller than our existing piping. That meant there was no seal between the p-trap (the curved piece) and the drain pipe. My boyfriend was going to Lowe’s so I asked him to pick up whatever piece we’d need to make it work. He even took the p-trap with him to make sure he got pieces that fit correctly.

When he returned, he had a dinky package with two plastic rings – seals that go between pipe connections.

“The plumbing guy said this is all I’d need.” Uuuuhh, no. You need something to actually attach the two. “I asked him that! He said this is all I’d need!” Sorry, but that doesn’t actually seal anything.


installing a bathroom sink

Not gonna cut it. The next day I tested my luck (which is definitely hit or miss in the plumbing aisles). I walked out with two adapters.

One adapter attached to the p-trap, then the other adapter bridged the first adapter to the sink drain pipe (with a proper seal, screwed on). I wish I could give you specific part names, but I’m not plumbing-savvy enough to know what they are. I just know that they WORK.

installing a bathroom sink plumbing adapters

With the whole thing assembled, I finally turned the water back on, flushed the pipes, and HOORAY HAD WATER! Feel free to do a happy dance, I sure did.

delta sentiment chrome faucet

I thought somewhere along the line I had made a bullet point list of things I needed to do to the bathroom, but I can’t find it. But I need the satisfaction of striking things out, so here it goes.

  • Paint the walls
  • Install new lighting
  • Install tile floor, grout, seal, caulk, new door transition
  • Touch up baseboard paint
  • Paint vanity and install knobs
  • Add dual flush to toilet
  • Install new sink and faucet
  • Install a mirror
  • Accessorize (mostly purchased, not installed): Shower curtain (including rod and curtain rings), toilet paper holder, towel ring, trash can, towel bar, soap dish, shelf, pretty things
  • Organize: Makeup, cleaning products, hair products
  • Down the road: New ceiling fan, new¬†shower head

Striking things out feel so good.

So, tell me about a your good plumbing experience. Have you ever nailed it on the first go? Zero leaks on the first test run?

3 Responses to Sink In, Faucet In – Is This Bathroom Almost Done?

  1. Kim says:

    Thanks for this great idea!!! Ours is ‘in the works’ and is going to save us hundreds plus we will still have our great vanity storage space, something the beautiful new vanities don’t have to offer!

  2. Claire says:

    Oh my, that sink looks fantastic, very unusual yet a simple idea when you think about it. I really like it a lot, though having just remodelled our bathroom and shower i think my husband might object. I’ll work on him though haha, As for plumbing, i did give it a go with our new shower which brought a great deal of laughter from said husband, i thought i had done a reasonable job however him and the leaks didn’t quite agree with me!

    • paige says:

      Haha. I feel ya. I’m so hit or miss with plumbing. It’s either a cinch or absolutely awful! Nothing in between, of course.

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