Many months ago, I admitted my shameful jewelry organization secret: I store everything in little plastic baggies and hide it in a box.

Lucky me, I found a two jewelry organization tools on sale at Target recently.

jewelry organization

My rings went into the two-tiered porcelain dish. This was on sale for $9.99, two or three dollars less than the original price. The top tier will be home to rings that are frequently used – wedding, engagement and my favorite ring du jour, snake ring (hissss!).

ring jewelry organization dish target stella dot snake

Onto the necklace stand. I think this one was $16, down from $20. It was too cute to pass up. Now, as much as I’d like to hang all my necklaces, the necklace stand wasn’t high enough. But that’s not really a problem (especially since I’m not much of a necklace lady). And instead of necklaces, I hung pairs of earrings on each bar. It worked perfectly! The few stud earrings in my collection went into the ring dish.

jewelry organization necklace stand earrings dangly stella dot

Voila! No more tangled earrings. No more plastic baggies. No more shameful jewelry box secret!

jewelry organization necklace stand earrings

Just perfect jewelry organization for my small collection. For now, everything is living on our dresser, but as soon as the closet is in order, I think I’ll move everything in there.

jewelry organization

How do you keep your jewelry tidy and untangled? Share your secrets in the comments!

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