Earlier this week, I detailed building the console table base. This was almost a month in the making – the top was done in early April! But here it is – how to build a console table!

how to build a console table base diy

I’m a little giddy and proud of this. I built furniture.

diy rustic how to build a console table

I started off by correcting a small mistake. I used the wrong sized screws in the top the first time around. They were one size too big and a few of them poked through the table top. Dangerous and pointy! Once I realized the mistake, I reconfigured it with the smaller screws.

diy rustic console table top kreg jig

With the base and top good to go, we put the two together for a test run.

diy rustic how to build a console table

Yessss. Kind of awesome. Here’s a better view of the frame-like border (made with 1″ x 2″ pieces) from the end.

diy rustic console table

We pulled the sofa away from the wall and carefully set the base between the wall and couch and laid the top on it. Yes my frame collage is still empty. Leave me alone! This illustrates why staining the base wasn’t terribly important – it’s nearly completely hidden.

diy rustic console table

A view from above. The console table is 26 3/4″ tall and sits just below the couch pillows.

Oh! See those two holes in the back of the console, towards the center? I realized it would be IMPOSSIBLE to reach the wall outlet with the table in place. So, when I (re)built the table top, I screwed three pieces together but didn’t attach them to the rest of the table. The center brace prevents it from falling through.

diy rustic console table trap door

Here’s the console table from an angle. The top sits right above sofa frame – we’ll probably scoot the couch out a smidge more to give the table some breathing room. But minimal space is ideal so nothing falls to the floor in a hard-to-reach spot.

diy rustic how to build a console table

The table top needs just a bit more love! A few pieces need stain touch-ups. And the whole thing needs a layer or two of polyurethane to protect the wood.

But for all intents and purposes, this console table is signed, sealed and delivered. I never realized how easy it would be to build a console table, but I did it.

Up next? Touch up stain, add polyurethane, search high and low for lamps that I love, decorate and, in ten years or so, maybe I’ll be ready to put art/photos/etc in the frame collage. Oh, and I’ll gather up receipts to detail the budget. Hint: it was MUCH LESS than other 90+ inch console tables on the market.

Are you building anything? Staining furniture? Have some tips for removing stain from your nail beds? I might have that problem…

p.s. – recap building the console table: building a console table top and building a console table base.

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  1. Beautiful, well done Paige! Hats off to you for building that thing on your own!

  2. awesome badawesome!

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    have a wonderful weekend, lovely blogger.


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