While we were in the process of tearing up our front yard, I searched for ideas of what to put there next. In a nearby town, there’s a huge garden outside a grocery store. Specifically, it’s a pollinator garden.

pollinator garden inspiration

A pollinator garden is built with all sorts of flowers and plants as a way to attract and feed pollinators – bees and butterflies.

Ideally, the garden has something in bloom throughoutdifferent season.

pollinator garden inspiration

And pollinator gardens have a variety of blooms in different colors, sizes and heights. Maximum pollinator potential!

pollinator garden inspiration

Plus, if the pollinators get used to being around your yard, they’ll probably seek out other nearby nectar sources. So whenever we put in a vegetable garden, the bees and butterflies will love our yard.

pollinator garden inspiration

I did some Photoshop to pretend I have pretty flowers. I couldn’t name a single one except the butterfly bush and coneflowers. We’ll be headed to Lowe’s or some local nurseries soon to check out the plant selection and see what we can do.

photoshop flowers

Having any fun in your garden these days? Any big plans or overhauls happening?

Resources: Here’s the garden we visited in Pittsboro, NC. Here’s another pollinator garden resource from the Fish and Wildlife Service. Learn about native wildflowers in your area with a quick Google search. If you’re really ambition, you can even start beekeeping! I can’t help you with that one though, haha.

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